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Artisan Hut

Artisan Hut was founded in 2002 at the same time as one of the largest hand loom buyers in Bangladesh changed almost overnight away from hand loom fabric to machine loom fabric putting hundreds if not thousands of weavers out of work. Artisan Hut is marketing organisation owned by the Fair Trade producers, the groups each have their own areas of expertise e.g. weaving, cut and sew or printing but work together to maximise the Fair Trade value added within the supply chain. Artisan Hut seeks to redress the movement towards intensive high capital industries, which disenfranchise the poor. Artisan Hut has a trust which generates income for the producers to develop their communities. All profit generated by Artisan Hut is controlled by the producers.


Bobbins Three men speaking
The yarn drying in the sun The dyed yarn being handled The shuttle A woman sitting, spinning the yarn