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Washing Instructions

All our products are machine washeable at 40 degrees, except Bogolan throws, to be cleaned in cold water.

Cloth Quality/Shrinkage

All cloth is prewashed and after washing do not shrink to less than 98% of the given size. All materials are rub colour and light fast. Note the unbleached cotton will whiten over time. The fabric does change its feel with washing due to its nature of production.

How to clean your Bogolan throw - Tips

Natural dye is very delicate. Successive washing may fades the fabrics colours. Drycleaner is the best way to maintain the colours. Hand wash is also recommended, separately in cold water. Use a mild soap if possible. Foam the soap in the water before putting the cloth in. Donít soak it too long; donít rub it too much as well. Beware of stains that cannot be completely cleaned: juice, alcohol, oilÖ In order to fix natural colours, mix a capful of vinegar per four litres of cold water. Soak the throw overnight.